Kenai Peninsula 

Beware! Of whatever is crossing. Well I’m over two thousand km across Alaska, the only dangerous creatures that I met crossing my path was the butt of a black bear????

Now I have an idea how Alaskans sees visiters!

Between Homer and Anchorage there’s a lot of great histories. Gold mines, fishing and the time when the Russian were the owners. “Russkay Amerika ” was the name of the Russian colonial possessions, in North America from 1733 to 1867. In 1867 Russia sold its last remaining possessions to the United States for 7.2 million! WOW

So there’s a lot see! My neck has a workout. The way it’s goes I’m not finished, good for me there’s a bumpy track on the between the Hwy & shoulders……

In Homer, that part of land stretching in the ocean is called the “Spit “it’s the main attraction. The big chalenge is the big hill to go out of Homer, then from there nice view of the Kachemak Bay. Going along the route 1 north Kenai/Soldotna. The extra beauty’s. You can see four active volcanoes, the Cook inlet and the two mountains rang.

Cooper Landing, great place for camping & fishing. Camp with a host,,, yes you read okay , I invented a new way to get a host on a campgrounds. Got to eat fresh red salmon” Sockeye” I went for a trail, up the Russian River gorgeous until I sprayed my face with my bear spray!! After a hour of dipping my face in the cold water of the river full of salmons and fishermen, I finally was able to see again!!

Hope is a pretty little town with a big story. The historic Gold Rush settlement. If you feel lucky you may gold panning Hope is also a great place to see the Turnagain Arm. It’s the second highest tide in the world! Where is the first highest tide?

Girdwood; all tourists go to visit the famous Hotel Alyeska

Seward Hwy to Anchorage. They say to be one of the most dangerous road in America! At least there’s a shoulder not cleaned but there. And the scenery is absolutely fantastic the Turnagain Arm is something to see. You can not walk on that sand. It is quicksand!!! It is glacier silt.


Southcentral Alaska one of the city’s with the most bikepath in Americas. Anchorage is the most populous city is a cultural hub at the edge of the wilderness. Strolling around town is easy with bikepath just need one direction or two!

Did you know, since 1914, the Railroad has played an enduring role as a reliable passenger transportation link in a vast state with sparse infrastructure. 500 miles of tracks. It has access to most Alaskan towns and cities as well to some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. The railroad was completed in 1923. This year they salute the 100 year anniversary of the Denali National Park.

The answer to the question above in which country the highest tide? In Canada

Bay of Fundy. 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out twice a day. That is 16 meters or 50′ that represent a 5 storey building!

Turnagain Arm. In United State Alaska

Sunrise Turnagain Arm, Cook inlet. Twice a day flow into the Turnagain Arm. About 11 meters or 36 ‘ that represent a 4 storey building.

Au Revoir ” here I go again “


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