Northwest Coast. 

Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, Juneau, Yakutat, Cordova, Whittier & Kodiak. 

Sailing along the US northwest coast. Confortable and easy way to see these islands and coastal city like Juneau.

Passing by the great Glaciers like Glacier Bay National Park. Malaspina Glacier. Also having a great chance of going through the Prince William Sound

Having a great time camping, meeting villagers in remote towns and most of all riding my bike through picture portrait views of forests, montagnes and the ocean. 

Elks grazing, deers jumping and cubs with mama black bear chewing grass while I was passing by all were surprise to see me. Me too! Lucky for me they were busy doing other things. 

Also going north with the ferry means I will see some fish! 

Grey whale, Big pods of orcas, porpoises, dolphins, seal,and sea otters. 

My last stop is Homer now I begin land visit. From there will be riding to Fairbanks (hopefully). 

Here I go again! 


Russian dolls in Sitka beautiful for trails and hiking. 

Wonderful bald eagle. 

Hade made bridge. Indian trail Sitka 

Yakutat small and yet it is famous for hiking on the well known Glacier Malaspina.

Glacier Bay National Park. 

Going to Whittier. Prince William Sound renowned for extraordinary fishing. 

The first city to have a skyscraper 40 stories. Whittier. 

​Orthodox Russian church Cordova

Beautiful sunset on Kodiak. 

A Small Russian house in Kodiak island. 

Found a camper for one night. Hi hi. 

A big Thanks to Charlie & Debi warmshower host. 

The Spit, The harbour and one road to the city of Homer. 

Last ride by the seashore, Beluga wetland Homer, part of the Beluga lake. an other world. 

What can I add 

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