The Dalton Hwy ( special edition)

Well friends, I have finally done the North Pole road in 7 days. An average of 114 km per day. I have not a lot of experience on cycling tours. Doing the Dalton Highway 498 miles( 797 km ). That road gave me a load of new experience that will last me for ever. I am very proud of my self to have decided to do the trip. I was not feeling strong enough nore was I confident to ride on gravel roads. With only 25% paved, I had time & km to practice and get assurance to accept that I will break my record and get to be a better biker in poor road conditions. Everything was going great. 

Lucky for me, I have seen numerous wildlife and no brown bears ( GRIZZLIES ).Where could I put my food when I’m in a region with no trees, no campground with  no facilities to store food anywhere and away from the my camp site? Had to find a new solution every night. Sometimes it was on the a rooftop of a “backhouse” dry toilettes. Sometimes into an other camper, camping beside. In a container where slept the second night, in a old fire house, hanging from the ceiling! There is not only the bears that love to eat’ easy to get food’. Mise, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, wolverine! And more. Good for me have not had to fight for my FOOD. 

This the first night. One star. The food on the roof. Can’t see. Have to hide from two legs predators!  

The inside of my three stars Hostel with Franc an other crazy cyclist. He loved my idea. 

Here my hostel for the night. A three stars. 

That’s a five stars. Had a wonderful real toilet, shower and fresh water. 

Atigun Pass, was to be my biggest challenge. Made it with a lot of sweating. I had some doubt if I could do it. 12% climb for 2 miles long. I thought that was going to be the most challenging! NO I was wrong. All along the route towards Fairbanks there is up hills and down hills to do. Oooooops. 

Fighting head winds, steep hills, sharp curves, sand and gravel hills and coarse pavement… I have fallen got up jumped on my bike. Even my faithful friend Mr. Bike was squeaking, cracking but never did he let me down. 

Like I have said, I am proud to say that I have done all on my bicycle. 

I have met great people too. Some stay here year round, some only to work. And crazy cyclists 

Joshua a hunter and fisherman on the Yukon River for the last 15 years 

Dorothy came to the Yukon County to make fortune with gold mine workers. Now have a hostel for tourists in the boreal forest Yukon- Tanan Upland. 

From Spain, Pam & Pablo. Starting their six months trip. North to South America. 

From L.A Franc. He’s an old timer. Has cycled for the last twenty years. He is a Pro. 

Baby Alaskan Husky. One day she will be pulling a sledge with twelve other compagnons. 

Nevertheless I had a great time got over my fears and became strong mentally and physically. 

Hope you have enjoyed my story. 


6 thoughts on “The Dalton Hwy ( special edition)

      1. Hello Felix, they say better late than never. I want to thank you for taking time to read my blogs. I’m new to all that so taking time to learn and understand. now I have a lot of time. Will try to continue and hope to make progress. Nice to read you. will leave a comment. cheers & keep up the spirit positive.

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