Spring in Karahayit

Spring is there!

There is two sides to coin. It is up to each individual to choose which side to choose.

Thinking about the situation I was in I finally concluded I was very fortunate to have had the extra long stop.

I did take a lot of time to think what I was to do with that situation. I’m my stopping here and go home. I was seriously searching a plan to continue. I believed I had a choice. But which one? First I wanted to take this opportunity into my aventage. [Go with the flow. I am not on a time schedule or money problem. Also, I will do the same at home]. That is doing nothing and wait.

Now I have to plan a routine. Call my family and friends. Write letters. Do exercise, organize my future goals& routes. Read more about the country I’m in, learn some words in Turkish.

I would do the same at home anyway. It wasn’t bad to stay in the villages that I was staying Pamukkale.After two weeks not able to go further then my balcony. I could go for a walk a run, trek in the forest anf most of all go to the market. I did a bad situation at the inside market one day. The police were inside checking if everyone was wearing their mask and following the rules of distances. One police officer saw me and made a comment calling me “CORONAVIRUS”. Of course I was stunned and went out of the market. I did talk about this event to my new friends in the guest house. They reassure me that I was not into any danger. They were going to talk with friends in the police department. After that day everyone was saying hello even the police.

The rules

I suppose they were the same for most of the people around the world. We were not aloud to go out of village limits in the first three months. Then workers, delivery trucks were able to go out of the province with a documents. Children to 18 year old had to stay home. Also the elderly 65 + had to stay home, or backyard.

Only essential shops was open on a weekly basis. 48 to 72 hours curfew every weekend. 2 to 3 days in a row. Only one time 92 hours for 15 provinces. The major big cities. Istanbul, Konya, Ankara etc. The longer curfew was added with holiday days.

I had time to do many things. But I mainly went for a hike in the mountains.

Just enjoy life slowly. Learn some words in Turkish. Trying to understand my new electronic devices. Not really successful.

Most of all enjoyed the rebirth of spring. What a wonderful experience. I was evolving at the same time with spring.

Living in a valley in a country farm land brings surprising spring outbreaks.

Sometimes it would suddenly have gust of wind. Blowing so swift, changing the air no more humidity and new scents in the air. Also brings the dust from the nearby Hierapolis site with a taste of salt.

I have been here so long. It’s have been the first time I stayed so long in one place since the beginning of my trip.

True in Hawaii I did stay 5 months. But I was moving from a place to an other around different islands and one community for a few weeks because of a injury.

The last Monday of April I just packed Mr.Minou said by and lots of hugs to all the family that took car of me for 6 weeks.

Yes, I was one of the people that was aloud to go on the road anywhere in Turkey without any permissions.

Now I am going towards the ocean to Antalya.

So see you soon for more aventures.

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