A journey on top of the world with a bicycle

Hi my name is Jeannette, you can call me “Jeans”

In March 2017, I started my ascented up north of the Americas with my bicycle Mr.Minou a ( trek 920 ). I began in Vancouver City toward Prudhoe Bay Alaska. The name of the road that I will ride for my final trip up north is called Dalton Highway.

From the start

I did explore the coast of BC, from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Then Juneau Alaska to Kodiak Island with two long haul ferries.

I did have the permission to take out my bicycle and have a ride in the villages meanwhile they were downloading and uploading marchandises and take some more passengers. The roads were mainly the village area, and some outskirts.

Some information about Kodiak Island

The Kodiak Island is a large island south coastal of Alaska , which it is separated by the Strait Chelikhov (English Shelikof Strait ). It is the largest island in Alaska and the second largest American island after the island of Hawaii

Camping along the George Parks Hwy 520 km.
The George Parks Highway (numbered Interstate A-4 and signed Alaska Route 3), usually called simply the Parks Highway, runs 323 miles (520 km) from the Glenn Highway 35 miles (56 km) north of Anchorage to Fairbanks in the Alaska Interior.

It is the only direct way to Fairbanks and a great highway. That location in North America was not the safest place to camp in the bush. There was some exceptions. A “restarea” for example because there was other travelers. I needed to take care. Bears love human food. I did asked travelers stopping for the night if they would keep my food inside their camper. Also, tell them my whereabouts of the place of campsite incase something happens.

In that part of north America there isn’t much living souls around. There is more trees and bugs than traffic. I love it. I did decided to stay a week in Denali National Park. It was à superb, an occasions that I couldn’t miss. I strongly recommend a visit. In 2017 it was the 100 year anniversary. The entrance was free so it was full. Luckily, because I was tenting they had some places left. Who wants to tent in a grizzly bears area! I was scared to ride the hundred km, that separated my camp site from the entrance. I was seeing all kinds of animals including grizzly bears. I also met famous photographer from Japan doing wild camping. They were brave souls. I could write a book of my experience that week how amazing it was.

The Denali , formerly Mount McKinley is the highest mountain of North America . Located in central Alaska , in the United States , it rises to 6,190 meters above sea level.

The Dalton Highway 666.26 km

At the time it was mostly dirt/sand rout. Now a day some stretch are paved. The James W. Dalton Highway, usually referred to as the Dalton Highway, is a 414-mile road in Alaska. It begins at the Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. That road was built for big trucks for pipeline oil. Began construction in 1960s finished in 1974.

Deadhorse is the last working community town & is roughly 1,726 km from Homer City. If I wanted to touch the icy waters of the Prudhoe bay, I need it to pay 50 us dollars for a 26 km round trip max.

Back to Fairbanks 8 days later & 796 km later, I had some few days rest. The last 3 days was ridden almost around the clock. I was experiencing that strange phenomenon, no sunsets for weeks. I was sleeping during hot hour days, riding during the early morning hours, then restart late in the afternoon until I felt sleepy. One night I did meet a pack of wolves on the road from a far distant. I was at the top of a hill they were in the “dip”.

I was camping by the road or parking lots. By that time I had past the Yukon River so the road was very good. From Fairbanks I aim my thoughts in direction of Canada.

Went through the Yukon territory to Alberta. From Whitehorse went Dawson City. Préparation to go to a special road that I have dreamed the past few years. Dempster Hwy. That will be an other story.


What a beginner ! Don’t even know what a blog was! I wrote these lines and lost them.

3 years and 10 months later I found them in the draft waiting for me !

I had to be stranded in Karahayit Turkey two months to find out how most of my electronic devices fully works. I just purchased a new cell-phone and GoPro, longtime needed update since 4 years on the roads. More stuff to learn now!

It’s the real story of me & my bike in the first days of my “intentional” 5 years trip attempting to go around the world with a bicycle that I named Mr. Minou.



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