Crazy Woman on a Bike

That’s how the kiwis people called me.Why? Because they knew how some drivers think/drive when they see a cyclist on the side of the road.

My worries were more about the truck drivers trying to push me out of the road. I was advised to take care.

I don’t know why & when that crazy idea came from.

One day, going north on Hibiscus Coastal Hwy after Waiwers city, just across the bridge,in that little stretch I thought I was going to die. The truck that just was passing by literally try to push me out of the road. The problem, there was no were to go. On my left side there was a wall of dirt & big ditch. I just stopped and waited. Our eyes met in his mirror. I wave hello. He suddenly move away from me. Woof ! That was too close for confort. Everything changes just after the twists and bends of that passage. Up and over the hills there was much more space to ride. The cycling path had reappeared.

After arriving at the junction I understood why. The drivers use that part of the Hibiscus Coastal Hwy to enter the SH 1 N. I have two choices, go back or ride the 20 km to Warkworth.

Although there was a cycle path on the Hwy it would disappear at the small bridge. I had to stop and wait to passe. Oh!was I learning.

My wish was to follow the Aotearoa trail. First, going to Cap Reinga then going south by the west coast. It’s about 3300 km. I learned to my big surprise that on the north island the trail was often on the main roads not always on backroads. I new some parts would be on roads for the links for the other trails but on busy roads!? Aotearoa trail is famous for walkers around the world. One day I want to walk that trail.

I did have to fight a part of my way to Cap Reinga. I learned a lot on that stretch. I am still a novice, Only one year on the road. Traveling that way it all what is about, learning in progress.

When I had decided to travel with my bicycle I had no clue what I was talking about. I know my self enough to know that I love to challenge myself. Loving life and having the extraordinary privilege to enjoy life as much as possible. My fears and apprehensions seem to not be that annoying. Yes I do have fears. I got to improve my courage and perseverance. One thing I know, I love to discover who I am & my world.

The road I did the first month. November 2017.

That is an other story of my three months in New Zealand.

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