The End/ Fin


Finaly finished my projet, of going to ‘ The North Pole’. Yes! I never though that I could do it.


Here’s a little story

I had the habite of reading maps of  many place I could go and visit. Going around the world or around the bloc. Of course with a car it easy. Ha! Ha! But now,  I’m traveling with a bicycle as you know so it’s a little deferent. I have the same habit and envy about reading maps and then go. So, traveling with my trek 920 with an average of 35 kl, it will take some time longer. I don’t care I say, as long I have fun.

The problem with that decision * I’m scear to ride a bicycle* Don’t ask me why, I do not know the reason. So for my biggest fear is to get on my brand new bicycle and go….

Oh yes I fell. Especialy because I wanted clips. I do still fall today. I just get up, brush off the dust and jump back on that bike. There is no way that the fear I have will win. I’m the queen of my life.

Before I go on, I want to say a great thanks to all to the WS hosts, generous people that i have met along the road that have help, offer a bed, & their precious advise to go on.  For example,  that couple at the Russian River campground Tim & Hélène from Anchrage.

The story goes that way;

Here I was battleing on Seward Hwy going to Portage. I rescind, I had to stop. Need to find a campground! Howevere, I hadn’t  realise it was the open season for the sockey salmon. That means campground all full. I was in luck. I was able to get in the campsite and find my self a way to stay for the night.



Looking around, I see it’s not a place for tents but alot of space to camp. I decide to puch my luck again, Here I go knock on the door to a big fancy camper. A kind man opens and I start telling my story about “traveling around the world” with a bicycle and then propos if he could be my host so I could put my tent on his lot because the campground was full and couldn’t go any further that day. My angel was on my side,  he accepte. Lucky me. We had a great time.

After my two months off in Canada visiting family, friends and taking care of some resposibilities  I’m getting ready for New Zealand. It will be my pleasure to keep on sharing my adventures. However, here is my last blog on this platform. From now on I will write on my FB page.

jeannette gagne






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