Haida Qwaii ( Queen Charlotte islands ). 

After nearly 50 hrs by ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, I had time to think and rest!! Now Strolling through the city of Prince Rupert & hiking I took the next ferry to Haida Qwaii islands. I stopped for a beer at the Wheelhouse Brewing in Cow Bay.

Had a good micro beer.

Above is the owner Darwin filling a growler.
Arriving at 6 am and of course I am the girl that doesn’t do like everyone else, an other ferry was waiting to take me to my host in Sandspit . Am I happy to pitch my tent in his backyard. It is so calm I can hear the call of the eagles. BUT. There’s always a but. It rains about 262 days a year……… My old bones are rusting

Sandspit not very big but has great free camping sites

My wake up call. A juvenile bald eagle.

Now rested from the ferrys, I went exploring the beautiful and wild island.

My Inukshuk

When does the sun set? It’s 10:15 pm.?!

At dawn 4:30 am.

Graham island.

There’s a highway! Yellowhead Hwy. Queen Charlotte is an other name, Skidegate, Tlell, Port Clément, Massett and Tow Hill it is marvellous. Riding seing deers hopping everywhere the bears running away. Oh well forget the photos. I discovered that the battery of a GoPro last 20 Minutes @@@@@@@@@¥¥¥¥€€€£££

Here’s my lunch. Homemade soup & pizza. HUMMMMM

The big kitchen


It is always OPEN & there’s a lot of other goodies. You have to ride up to Tow Hill. Believe me it is worth the effort even on very cold rainy day!

Trying to find a place to camp.

For how long will it stay in balance?

I bet you have seen totems before. But do you know the meaning of the totem Pole? They are part of a culture, beyond their beauty, their meanings are as varied as the cultures that make them. Some of the Totem Pole represent stories, others represent important events.

I learned that Haida, Tlingit & Tsimshian peoples, living on the northwest coast,were the first native people to carve, the tall multiple-figure poles.

That deer love gardening. ,,,,, I wonder if the owners agree?

And the biggest reward is to meet extraordinarily people., helpful and very generous

I don’t know what to say about that green mannequin in the middle of the lake. How about you?

Will see you in Juneau the capital of Alaska USA.

2 thoughts on “Haida Qwaii ( Queen Charlotte islands ). 

  1. Wow! Les paysages doivent être époustouflant…tu vie beaucoup d’émotions? Ça va faire de belle photos. C’est le bon coté de la choses être un athlète , tu peut manger se que tu veux;0). Bonne route!


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