May 15-27. Eastern Vancouver island. ( Courtenay- San Josef Bay) 

Hello fellow followers,

I have seen bears, elks, caribous that “ drop” their calves beside the road for protection against predators and garden snakes. Nothing very dangerous, I think. They look very peaceful when I was passing by. Although I am always prepared to RUN. I do have bear spray, bangers, flares , knife and even a cavelar sac against bear teeth & claws!! I do think I’ve got everything to protect my self and my food. I do also doubt Ha !Ha !

Anyway all went great along the east side of Vancouver island. It’s what I had expected. I did arrived in Courtenay, I went south to Nanaimo. Ridden along the coast back to Port Hardy. Had visit the island of Vancouver before but at that time mostly on the Western coast & central of the island. The great wilderness this is what draw me back here again. This time in a much slower pace. Although people tells me what I should be aware of, my biggest problem was with Madame Nature. Five flat tires later I need it to find a bicycle shop. Pushing my load down the road going to Campbell River I a man stops beside me. He wants to help me. So beautiful to meet “generosity”. Here I go the bicycle in the pickup box and me resting in the passenger seat. No bicycle shop but he had friends cyclist, we went to meet them. What great people. I did have to stay for the night. Next morning getting ready to take the ferry to Quadra island. I am meeting Mr. Brent,my first warmshowers host.

Finally after finding the house of my host. I meet Brent briefly because he is going to his yoga class. I choose a place for my tent on his lawn. Brent proposed to have a bite together & good talk. Learn that I won’t be alone in the backyard, Liz from Welche is coming.

Now I need some sleep and take care of my hyperglycemia. I asked Brent if it’s possible to stay longer, he agreed. Liz is travelling for the last 4 years around Canada & USA. I can’t wait to meet her. A English teacher taking a break. For the next 4 days we did have lots of wonderful conversations. Sharing our stories. I was mostly listening and asking questions. The next morning I went with Brent for a ride but had an other flat. I don’t understand i said. Brent announced at my surprise, there is a bicycle shop, here on this little island even better it’s a school for people in need to find a job. By that time was to late to continue. Again I had a great chat and learned a few things that going around. I went everywhere on the island. Love my stay. I’m gone back on Vancouver Island, I had learned it was long weekend holidays. I need to find a spot to settle for 3 days. I got to a campground it’s perfect near bicycle shop and outdoor stuff. On the island it is not easy to find a good spot to camp for free. Actually not aloud to camp in the bush. Specialy this weekend, the Police is around looking out. I arrived at the campsite. It is full. The tenants suggested asking for a space with other campist. I did find. I should say they found me! A group invited me to their gang. Did have a great weekend. Tuesday ready to go. Everything is organized. I am ready for the next long ride with almost nobody but bears manly black bears and mooses. Ho forgot lost & lost & lost of trees. The road is nice and smooth.


I arrived at Port Hardy in a pickup. Bob felt sympathy for me. Passing by a cyclist in bad weather he wanted to help. I was going to Fort Rupert. Bod there is nothing there he said. Hardy Port there is a hostel, and good pizza. OK so that how I end up in Hardy Port. Love that town. Nice people good place for hiking and riding. Beautiful stretch of sandy beaches. Also the place to be for the ferry to Prince Rupper. A week later got on that ferry 3 night camping on the third deck of the ship. Extremely beautiful. I surely recommend. At Prince Rupert stayed a couple of days to hike around also very beautiful. To the next ferry to Haida Gwaii Islands. I arrived at Sandspit. I choose to go around Graham Island for a week. Just beautiful. Then to Moresby Island. It’s the best of the two. If you want start of history read the book “ The Golden Spruce” from John Vaillant. Interesting. There is lots to all around the island. Place to camp mostly everywhere. Take care of the bears, there is a few. These ones are grizzlies!

The most important part of my journey is to meet wonderful people. Looking forward to some more along my way.

Hope to see you on my path


Ferry to Courtney

Interring into the First Nation territory.

Breathe taking views. A stroll to San Josef Bay Cape Scott. Paradise for campers.

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