Sunshine Coast. 

Hello everyone.

I have done the Sunshine Coast (101) from Vancouver Center to Lund village 201 kilometer. Lund is the start/end of the Sunshine Pacific Coast route towards Chile South America.

“ British Columbia Highway #101, also known as the ‘Sunshine Pacific Coastal Highway‘, is one of the world’s longest highways; ‘The Pacific Coastal Highway‘, Starts/Finishes at Lund, BC, and extends southwards 15,202km away, to the South American town of Quellon, Porto Monte, Chile”.

It was a great ride and again some big challenges. The sceneries was breathtaking. Sometime along the road seeing the ocean. Between Hopkins Landing to welcome Bay it’s just beautiful. The smell & sound. That I love. It May spring! flowers were blooming everywhere, the cherry trees blooming too! The fragrance is sweet. For a quebecois it’s new. Yes in that corner of Canada the weather is milder. It is not very much population. It was once a pond a day it was busier. In Saltery Bay was a 1900’s storing fish with salt. Also some shipwrecks. The natives were making business with the with seashells called “middens” indicate that this was a traditional gathering area for the First Nations. It also a wonderful place to dive. It seems the marine life is abundant.

Although I wasn’t there for a dive, one day maybe. So in the 1960’s the opportunities for jobs was good. Now a day there’s not much for jobs, unless you work on the ferry or you are a fisherman on high seas and of course tourism. I went on after a little battle with hilly curves and space between me and vehicles. On my way I entered the forest that will be present until I get to Lund also some more ups & downs hills. It will be a long days. The average temperature is +10 in day time up the forest and altitude. As soon the sun starts to set so does the temperature. Around 4 pm I am almost at the top. It’s hard work my but loves the scenery. Now to get going. I need to continue, my clothes are all wet from perspiration. I have to stop its starting to rain, by now temperature has dropped around 5*degrees. It was slippery had to slowdown. Need it to continue to keep me warm. Have to say the road is very nice. Not much traffic there. Only the local passing by. For some strange reason I started to feel weak and very tired and no energy in my legs. “I got to go on” I was telling myself. That day I had all taste of madame weather. Wind blowing almost blowing me around. Thankfully the wait and determination kept me rolling on. Then rain decided to challenge me more. At some point it begame a deluge! Then snowing “okay now it really time for me to get going and find a dry place for the night. Still need to past that pass. I was arriving at the top, it’s the highest point of the hill, by that time it is snowing regularly. It didn’t feel like the Sunshine Pacific Coast at that point. I need to heary up light is diminishing and I’m very cold. I know there is a camp site about 10 kilometers. I finally arrived before the sunset. Haven’t stopped raining. I was happy & shaking like leaf in the wind. The man said that I couldn’t camp. There was a danger of flooding. The good man showed me a cabin instead, with heather and kitchen. “Great! what’s the price” ? A special price for you he said. 42 dollars a day compared to 39 $ forcamp site?!Of course I accept. By that time I was having a lot of difficulty to sign my bill and pay. I was doing a hyperglycemia. The results of a lots of effort and no foodin my stomach. It’s a problem I got to deal with along my journey. I got the remind to eat regularly. The man help me in the cabin at my welcome surprise, Joe brought me warm food, hot tea and desert! Wrap with blankets in a warm bed. I fell a sleep in two minutes. I woke up the next morning not feeling strong but alright. I am thinking to stay an other day. Went for a walk, found a very good restaurant. On the menu good healthy breakfast, by that time I was feeling much better. I said goodbye to the lovely Joe. I went back to the big hills again to Powell River to take ferry to Vancouver Island. By that time the weather was great warm and sunny. I’m going back because need to take ferry at Powell River towards Courtenay on Vancouver Island. Coming back from the Hawaiian islands “I didn’t work very hard ” the last months. I was in the Hawaiian island for 5 months but cycle only 4 months. The rest of my time I was doing the lézard on the beaches. Now I’m struggling to get back in shape!!!!

Thank you for reading my blog. Does encouraging to continue writing. Have a great day. Jeans

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