In Vancouver a few days before going North Pole to Prudhoe Bay.

Hello followers, friends and my love ones. I have created a blog so that everyone can follow me during my voyage towards the North Pole!

I did start in St-Sauveur province of Quebec in Canada. Juin 2016 where I come from. From home I went Northeast strolling along the St-Laurence river, to Labrador. Then took the ferry to New Foundland. After two months I flew to Vancouver B.C. winter was my rubbers. After a five months in Hawaii, visiting the island went back to Vancouver Canada. I started my ascent by the Sunshine Coast from Vancouver City, took the ferry to Vancouver island. Jumping from islands to islands riding with Mr.Minou & ferries exploring, enjoying every moments. Camping & warmshowers hosts meeting islanders what wonderful experience.

Thank you for following me. To encourage me during my voyage to the world of glaciers, bears and wonderful wildernesse put thumbs up. Thanks you hope you will enjoy my stories.

PS: Comming up some stories from Labrador Newfoundland soon.

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